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TheOnNetwork agrees to provide The Customer with products and services that are intended to represent, advertise and increase knowledge and sales for The Customer. TheOnNetwork and it's representatives will perform all services to the best of their ability and shall never participate in 'bullying' or 'misleading' sales tactics. TheOnNetwork and it's representatives shall always work in the best interests of both The Customer and TheOnNetwork.


This website, it's graphic elements, layout, photographs, logos, content, and any other visual or text based inclusions are property of TheOnNetwork and / or the respective copyright owners and may not be copied or used without written permission obtained from TheOnNetwork.


Any trademarks contained in this website are property of the trademark owner and my not be reproduced or used without permission.


TheOnNetwork believes in your privacy and will never share any information about you or your business with any third party without permission from you. Please note that the only exception to this privacy policy is that we must provide address, logo and business information when placing orders with our vendors on your behalf (ie business cards, envelopes, letterhead.)