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How long will it be before my website is online? TheOnNetwork will have your website up and running within 3 business days after we have received payment. Generally your website will be up within 24-36 hours unless we are experiencing unusally heavy business levels.

What if I decide that I want to change my design? You have 7 days after placing your order to change your design free of charge. If you find a design that you like better during this time period, simply contact us and we will make the necessary updates to your website. If changes are made during this grace period, it will not count as one of your 'included updates'.

What is considered an 'update' in my website package? Any change made to a page on your website is considered an update regardless of how large. Changing your hours of operation or changing your entire web design is one and the same to us. We make no differentiation because we want you to feel encouraged to keep your website up to date - after all a website is an interactive medium for you to speak to your customers. It is very important to keep your message up to date.

More FAQ's coming soon!