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Every website comes complete with our standard logo design service. For those business owners / operators who wish to refresh and enhance their business image, we offer our professional 'Mascot' logo design for a very competitive price.

Details on both classes of logo design are below:


Standard logo design (included free of charge with all website design packages) includes the two following options:

  • Standard Logo Design - The On Network will create a stylized, text based logo framed by simple geometric shapes. Your logo will be attractive and simple - easily remembered by your customers.
  • Logo Enhancement - Already have a logo? The On Network will digitally scan it, clean it up and use it on your website while providing you with electronic copies that you can use as you please.


Want to refresh and enhance your business image? The On Network will create a professional 'Mascot' logo for your company. 'Mascot' logos are generally much more detailed than our standard logo design and because of the work that goes into them, we charge a very competitive $129 flat fee. As with all of our logo design, you will receive unlimited free revisions until you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Additionally, you will receive up to three completely different tentative 'mascot' logos at the onset of the design process. While we encourage most companies to select Standard Logo Design, Mascot Logo Design can set your business image apart from your competition.


The On Network uses industry-standard tools to create professional, attractive logos and graphics for your business. We only use original work and create all graphics and logos in high-quality vector format which can be reproduced across all electronic and print media.

When we design your logo, we will first take instruction from you so that we may incorporate your thoughts into the final design. As with all of our design products, you can provide us with as much or as little input as possible. You will then be provided with up to three (3) different designs so that you may point us in the right direction. At that point, you will receive unlimited free revisions of your logo until you are completely satisfied with our product.


Call us at (800) 996-6895 to schedule an appointment!